The GJBeat Episode 13

When you work with "at-risk youth." Children. Kids. The ones with the hard stories. The ones that have already racked up more to overcome in their first ten years, than I will in an entire lifetime. You do what you can to find ways to help them. Support them. Walk them through the overcoming. You … Continue reading The GJBeat Episode 13

Spartan Sprint and Trifecta. Finally.

I just used my toothbrush to clean myself. Because there was still mud from Saturday. In places. I did brush my teeth first. Which is a fair question. But now one of you has to be in charge of reminding me to buy a new one on my way home from work today. Because the … Continue reading Spartan Sprint and Trifecta. Finally.

Spartan Carolina Beast

You know how sometimes you do something just to prove to yourself that you can? Like, if you can make it through this one challenge, then everything else in your life seems easier. All of life’s struggles and challenges don’t seem quite so insurmountable. You take on these ridiculous things so that nobody can ever … Continue reading Spartan Carolina Beast

Spartan Weekend. Whether We’re Ready Or Not

It’s Spartan weekend. And every damn person involved has bailed or is significantly compromised in some way. But I cooked for this thing. So folks better show up. Ok. So what you’re looking at here is a plate full of shrimp. That I cooked. Complete with olive oil. And garlic. And salt and pepper. And … Continue reading Spartan Weekend. Whether We’re Ready Or Not