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Lesson Learned

“What skills or lessons have you learned recently?”

This is what WordPress asks you when you open a new post. I assume because they assume that I’m writing things that people may want to learn from.

So, here’s what I learned recently.

It matters which way you install a doorknob.

I live in an old house. With old doors. And old door knobs.

The one on my bedroom door is…finicky.

You can only turn it in one direction. Otherwise, it just unscrews itself and loses the ability to function.

Which means that I have to remember to only turn it in the right direction.

I’m not known for my memory. I can’t even tell you know what direction it’s supposed to be turned.

So that shit falls apart several times a week. And I have to pick all the pieces up and reassemble them. Into the door.

And I keep the door closed because I need at least one space in my home that is free from cat hair.

But sometimes even turning it in the correct direction. Whatever that is. Is too much for it.

Sometimes. Say…6 o’clock in the morning. When I’m trying to leave my bedroom to go meet Beautiful Beastie to run. It just completely gives up on life. And loses all of its shit.

And here’s the problem. Normally, when it falls apart. The door is still open. Or I’m standing on the side with the long screwy thing on the end of it. Which you can wedge back in on its own and still turn the mechanism thingy.

Apparently, the last time I reassembled the knob, I put that piece on the outside.

I was still on the inside.

This is a problem.

And it was 6am. And I really didn’t particularly want to go ten miles in the cold.

I almost. Almost. Just went back to bed. To wait for a more reasonable time to call my dad to come rescue me.

But then I remembered who the fuck I am. Or who I’m supposed to be, anyway. And I MacGyvered my way out of my bedroom.

And went to McAfee. And spent four miles catching up on life events with Tiny Brazilian.

And just trying to manage oxygen all the way up the mountain. But it was admittedly beautiful.

Still. I was freezing. And hungry. And really just wanted to get home to my flannels. And my PB Whiskey Hot Chocolate.

(Incidentally, that drawer won’t stay closed, either. I should probably think about some renovation soon.)

Because the absolutely best part of winter running is going home to a hot shower and hot drink and cozy blanket and books.

So many books.

Specifically, books about running.

Because I love fiction stories about runners. So much that I might like to write one.

So this is how I study for that.

Should probably keep forcing some running in there, too, I guess…

Also, the cats have claimed my bedroom as their own. Because I no longer feel safe closing my bedroom door.

It’s fine. Allergy meds only do mildly weird things to my ability to function.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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