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Gym Family

Sometimes you get lucky and find just the right place for you.

Some of us have been lucky enough to find exactly that at PlayFITStayFIT.

We’re a little different than the other gyms. We’re fun. And quirky. And dysfunctional. And real. And we know how to put the work in while still having fun.

A place filled with laughter and support and a special kind of positivity. Not, like, that obnoxious bouncy positivity that makes you want to throat punch someone.

But the bonded in physical challenge we’re all in this together and I know you can do it because if I have to lift this heavy weight then you have to so stop whining and just do it kind of positivity.

A place filled with challenges to make you stronger, people that are happy to see you, and a trainer that is so invested in your health that he refuses to acknowledge your excuses. (Seriously. He just straight up ignores excuses. I’m not sure his brain can even process them.)

A place you can look forward to going to. Even when you know how hard it’s going to be. Because you get to take on that challenge with people who’ve become your family. That is something that someone like me, who struggles with social anxiety and insecurity, values even more than the fitness benefits.

But the fitness benefits are enormous.

And you get to walk out at the end feeling stronger and more competent and that perfect mix of relaxed exhaustion that comes from working every last ounce of stress out through physical exertion. It really is the perfect way to finish the day.

We are the lucky ones to have found PlayFITStayFIT and yes, even Jason Gordon. (Who I respectfully call J-Vicious.)

It’s a truly exceptional place.

And this…was our workout today.

Oh. And there’s free childcare for you youngins that still care about that kind of thing.

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