Asheville Spartan Super

Asheville Spartan. It didn't start off well. We met up at 7:30am. And Rogue promptly crawled into the trunk of her car. While we waited for JC. Sooooo how's your plague doing? Ok. Since Rogue was half-dead, JC was coming straight from working an overnight shift, and Tiny Brazilian's feet wouldn't touch the pedals of … Continue reading Asheville Spartan Super

There’s No Napping After Death Click

It's Saturday. The athletic day of rest. Actually, that's Friday. Saturday is actually athletic day of long run. But that didn't mean I was gonna sacrifice a second sleep in day to follow Tiny Brazilian and Endong up to McAfee Knob for sunrise. 4am start? 2:30am wake up? I'm not gonna say I didn't consider … Continue reading There’s No Napping After Death Click