Volunteer of the Year

I’m not allowed to touch my phone.

Until I get to my volunteer spot.

Because Goatfinder didn’t think Josh understood. He doesn’t read my blog. He hasn’t run trails with me. He really only ever sees me at a finish line. When I’ve successfully navigated a race course. With the help of a LOT of other runners and amazing volunteers. (Trail blazes and course markings mean nothing to me.) So, Goatfinder suggested he drive me to the volunteer spot, position me in the correct location, and pose my arms pointing accurately up the mountain.

He didn’t do that.

But he did take my phone from me, pin the exact location I needed to go to, then revoked my phone privileges until I could prove I was there. For reals.

Because before my assigned volunteer location, he made me direct traffic into the parking lot. And when I went to Google something on my phone, he said, “Don’t touch that.”

“Fine. One more question, though.”


“What time does the race start?”

I was required to send proof that I’d made it to my volunteer location before the start of the race. And that I knew how to point.

(I was facing the wrong way in that photo…)

And that I wasn’t getting distracted by anything.

Have any of you ever noticed this cool gazebo at the bottom of Monument Trail?

It’s amazing what you notice when you’re not distracted by running. Or actual runners…

I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to volunteer again.

But I did have a 100% success rate at my volunteer location.

I didn’t even let the whiny ones like Endong and GJB go off course and run down the Old Road instead of up.

(Actually, I didn’t even communicate with Endong. Dude is way unchatty during races. In the zone. I wanted to throw a medicine ball in front of him to see if he’d stop and do a burpee, but I didn’t want to risk messing up my 100% success rate. And I also don’t have a medicine ball.)

(And GJB was way too happy to run up past his SBOF friend that had made his wife push their two young children up the Old Road in a stroller while he whined about being tired so they could cheer for GJB. I understand why they’re friends now.)

Granted, I had the Whittakers helping me out while they waited for everyone they wanted to cheer on.

But I’m gonna go ahead and declare myself Mountain Junkies Volunteer of the Year. Sure, you could pick someone who volunteers at every single race. Who gives their time on the regular to make sure other people get to have fun running around the mountains. That wake up early on Saturday mornings to help everyone else enjoy their runs. Psht.

Let’s be real. Where’s the challenge of volunteering when you do it all of the damn time? I never donate my time to these races. So obviously I have no idea what’s going on. So clearly I put in way more effort in the process.

I’m the obvious choice here, people!

This shirt though. ❤️❤️❤️

I didn’t even have to run for that.

And since we’re on the topic of volunteering, it’s that time of year to start gearing up for Fall Girls on the Run season. And I desperately need one or two folks to join me coaching at Staunton River Middle School next school year. Because my life is way to “uncertain” right now for me to take this on by myself. Get at ya girl if you wanna be part of something amazing. And coach alongside someone amazing. #MJVolunteerOfTheYear

Now if you need me, I’m gonna be washing this blood off of my hands. When I volunteer, I go hard. (An unreasonably large part of me wanted to do all of my probation home visits with it on there. Just to let them know. That I go hard. The children. Let the children know… yeah. I didn’t do that. Sometimes I make good choices…)

Also, that wasn’t actually my blood. Other Mountain Junkies go way hard. I don’t. I just have no issue high fiving a hand full of blood. If I know the hand.

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