Leadville Rules

You have to pick out girl names ahead of time. Only having boy names is how you end up with a child named Sunshine or some hippy shit like that. And then she’s got to spend her life answering all kinds of uncomfortable questions. And that comment was what kicked off the debate. Between my … Continue reading Leadville Rules

Christmas Mountain Waterpark

Water parks in February. Wouldn’t have been my first choice. But I was in a dark place this weekend. For a few reasons. Mostly just one. One is really all it takes to send me into the darkness these days. I blame hormones. And assholes. So GJB put Christmas Mountain on the schedule. More as … Continue reading Christmas Mountain Waterpark

Project Mountain Discovery

I’ve been a little complain-y lately. Y’all may have noticed. (And if you didn’t, don’t tell me. I don’t like not being noticed.) Running is my outlet. Trails. Mountains. They're how I work out the stress. I've got some of that right now. Stress. But I haven’t been able to run much in recent weeks. … Continue reading Project Mountain Discovery

I Hate Water. I Love Water Sports.

So the mushrooms were definitely not chanterelles. As evidenced by the time I spent cuddling my toilet this afternoon. See, what had happened was, last year. At Iron Mountain. Or maybe it was Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock. Or maybe both. LeBBQ stopped in the middle of an ultra. Picked a bunch of wild mushrooms. … Continue reading I Hate Water. I Love Water Sports.

Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk

They call me Trail Guide now. Ok. So maybe not everyone. Maybe one person. Only one person. Calls me Trail Guide. Called me Trail Guide. Once. But I have now successfully navigated Fall Risk through two hikes. In a row. Without losing us. Or breaking her. Two for two. This week we went to Apple … Continue reading Falls Side of The Falls With Fall Risk