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North Mountain Challenge

Sometimes I see events pop up on Facebook and I click that little “interested” button. And then other people, people that I like, click the “interested” button and so I click the “going” button. And so I’m committed, right?

And then my chaperone reminds me that my Achilles are on the verge of completely letting go and that my right knee no longer wants to be bendy (and I’m getting a little deja vu here, so maybe this story isn’t new…). So I probably shouldn’t go, right?

But then Kim starts asking whether or not I’m grown and I start getting all “psht! I’m grown! I make my own decisions! I do what I want!” And so I’m recommitted!

But then I look at the weather and it’s gonna be TWENTY ONE degrees in the morning and I’m not dead sure where all of my cold weather running gear is and I definitely have to have my cold weather running gear. So maybe I could just sleep in.

But there’s nothing more restorative than being out on the mountain trails with awesome people with the sun shining through the beautiful fall leaves. So I’m definitely going.

But my Outreach kids are off the hook this weekend and my on-call phone won’t quit making sounds. And I didn’t have dinner until midnight. And I really need to sleep in.

But this North Mountain thing…it’s a challenge. Like, a mental and physical challenge, but also an organized challenge.

I don’t like to limp away from an organized challenge. So I can’t not go.

But I woke up ten minutes before I would need to leave to meet everyone and the coffee’s hot and my bed is cozy and I have no idea where my cold-weather running gear is. So I’m obviously not going.


I wasn’t the only one who woke up late.

Y’all once again allowed Kim and I out on the trails unsupervised. So we turned 10 miles into 12 on 3400 feet of elevation gain. How, you ask? Because that’s who we are as people.

And maybe someone dropped her keys and didn’t realize it until a mile in. So maybe we had to double back to find them … alllll the way back by the road at the start of the trail.

And since we’d added on so much mileage and our spirits were slowly dying by mile 9, maybe we also opted to Spartan straight up the mountain at one point where there may not have been a trail. And maybe, if this actually happened, one of us had multiple flashes of panic as she kept slipping backwards and had visions of falling straight back off the mountain while the other one of us just kept forcing her way through the underbrush undaunted. (If this actually happened, I’ll let you figure out who is who.)

Yeah, there’s no trail there.

But we probably saved ourselves 1/4 mile of misery. If that actually happened. And we totally at least made sure none of the on time folks were left out on the mountain.

And my legs are really unhappy with all of you who keep letting me go places with Kim. Unsupervised.

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