Legit Professional Woman

Ran with my Cross Country kids for the first time in months tonight. Ran is a bit of a stretch. See this? That’s my heart rate. That spike? That’s when my heart rate hit 193… That was during the warm up… We all agreed I would just sweep the actual run. I’m certain it serves … Continue reading Legit Professional Woman

Summer League For My Life

I just finished up my first full week of work since May. And it was jam-packed with nonstop new employee meetings and a flood of new information. One of the days was back to back meetings with different executive team leaders. And they kept asking what department I work in. Within the company. And I … Continue reading Summer League For My Life

Skipping the Panic Attack Stage

I have spent much of my weekend watching training. To help me feel a little more...competent. Going into my first actual full work week in almost two months. So, I've got this access at work now. To send emails. On behalf of the COO. ... Y'all just...sit with that for a moment. I. Me. I … Continue reading Skipping the Panic Attack Stage

Storm of Vulnerability

Actually. Shitstorm of vulnerability. Is more accurate. But seems inappropriate for a title. It’s ok to cuss in an actual post. Just not the title. So, shitstorm of vulnerability. Those are the best words I have to describe what is happening inside of my brain right now. My son asked me how the new job … Continue reading Storm of Vulnerability

Where Have All The Water Balloons Gone?

I would like to leave now, please. “No. You’re going to just sit in this for a bit.” Because Rogue enjoys the absurd. A little too much. And Fall Risk is impervious to it. What had happened was we were having pre-movie dinner. And two women walked in. And one of them waved. In our … Continue reading Where Have All The Water Balloons Gone?