How Goatfinder Lost Her Friends

Y’all ever heard of a Jefferson squat? Apparently, it’s a move our ancestors did back in the ancient times. When J-Vicious first became certified. I’d post a picture. But I try to keep my blog rating at R. Maybe single X. If I’m talking about my dating life. Which…currently…is at a solid G rating… But … Continue reading How Goatfinder Lost Her Friends

Social Anxiety Coping Skill

Had my therapy appointment yesterday. With my therapist who I will refer to as “they.” Because I haven’t figured out their pronouns yet. And I refuse to ask. Because it’s my therapy. And I only want to talk about me during my therapy. And they haven’t asked my pronouns yet either. So I damn sure … Continue reading Social Anxiety Coping Skill

PFSF Detention

“You playing kickball?” Ummmm no? No...I’m...just getting a beer... “No. I mean. We’re having a kickball coaches meeting here. I thought you were playing. You look very athletic.” Oh. No. I don’t. I’m not. That’s not. No. I don’t…athletic. Ever. I’m only…I’m just here for a beer. And tacos… And. Ok. I appreciate that compliment. … Continue reading PFSF Detention

Leadville Training

“So you’ve just given J-Vicious all day to plan your workout.” *sigh* I know... Monday morning. I was lying in the comfort of Magical Roanoke Yoga’s basement. Allowing her to massage. And yoga my body. Into various states of stretching. And relaxation. I can’t even describe how amazing it is to have someone else stretching … Continue reading Leadville Training

Revolt on Lunges

“I’m medicated now!” I yelled that. A little too gleefully. And loudly. And maybe even forcefully? At my boss today. When he asked how I was doing. “Fine and you?” would have probably been sufficient. I’ve only been medicated about a week. So I don’t know that it’s much more than the placebo effect at … Continue reading Revolt on Lunges

I Can’t Even Care

“Oh look. Beautiful Beastie wants company on her next NM Marathon.” Good thing I don’t go on social media enough to see stuff like that. “I’ll let her know. I’m a good friend.” And damn if I didn’t get a BB text this afternoon. Talking about North Mountain. Dammit, Skratch. And then she says she’s … Continue reading I Can’t Even Care

Leg Day. Just…Leg Day

“Just leave those heavy weights out, guys. Sunshine’s here for the next class.” So, today’s PlayFITStayFIT workout was a 1-2-3-4-5 format. Now, some of you may think that those are reps. They’re not. They’re not reps. They’re minutes... No no. I absolutely knew that. But even though there’s an enormous difference between five reps of … Continue reading Leg Day. Just…Leg Day